Vetoed: Insurance regulation for Thumper and KittyKitty

Courtesy of by Christina Jewett

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office released a long list of signed and vetoed bills Friday, and among the losers was a measure to regulate health insurance for pets.

As I wrote in August, the bill would have required pet health insurers to tell consumers about co-pay amounts, lifetime benefit limits and restrictions based on pre-existing conditions.

The bill’s author, Assemblyman Dave Jones, D-Sacramento, said he wrote the law because pet health care prices were soaring and constituents were complaining about pets being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Jones, an owner of two cats, enjoyed the support of the Humane Society of the United States and a pet-oriented political action committee, PAWpac.

It wasn’t enough, though, to overcome the objections of Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger. Here’s his veto message [PDF]:

This bill would provide for the regulation of pet insurance by the Department of Insurance and require various disclosures from pet insurers. Existing law provides for the regulation of various types of insurance, by the Department of Insurance, including pet insurance, if there is a demonstrated need. As such, this bill is not necessary.

Jones may still have the last word in securing better coverage for cats and dogs, though, if his run for Insurance Commissioner is successful.

What do you think about Pet Health Insurance? Take our poll and let us know.

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