Check out new book by HRS Educator, Georgiana Hall

Based on the life of a real pet rabbit, Hershey begins his tale as he arrives at his new home, newly adopted from a shelter.

He soon meets the other pet rabbits as well as some other unusual and interesting creatures, and quickly learns how to secretly explore the large house that he lives in.

Eventually, he and his new faithful accomplice, Pepper the rabbit, manage to knock down a Christmas tree, spill syrup all over the pantry and invade a closet full of their owners’ shoes, mistakenly overturning a container of baby powder. Their human owners don’t suspect a thing – or do they?

The two rabbits, not satisfied with exploring the house, soon figure out how to escape into the outdoors for a brief afternoon adventure. The back yard proves to be exciting but also dangerous when they linger outside a bit too long. Will they be able to make their way back home?

What motivated Georgiana to write a  novel about Hershey?

My novel is available on the HRS reading room page and of course, HRS will receive a donation if you buy it through their Amazon link.

Author, GG Hall

I wrote the novel for several reasons (and published it feeling very strongly about all of this):

1) To raise awareness about rabbits and their behaviors and diet
2) To educate potential readers about rabbits as pets
3) To raise awareness about rescues and why no one needs to walk into a pet store and buy a rabbit
4) To put the reader into the mind and life of a house rabbit( Hershey helped with this one).

And yes (5) to even come up with yet one more way to raise money for rabbit rescue.

Several grade school teachers and headmasters have read the book and love it.

Comments have ranged from ” great bedtime story” to ” just plain funny and light-hearted” to “get this book into the curriculum.”

Kids liked it too. But it would appeal to any animal lover, and of course, especially rabbit people.

Learn more about the book at my website.

Join Hershey on Facebook at “Hershey the Rabbit’s Corner/Novel.”

Follow Hershey on twitter @hersheyrabbit.

One thought on “Check out new book by HRS Educator, Georgiana Hall

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