Celebrities Support International Rabbit Day

Excellent article about people stepping up to fight for animal equality, starting with a ban on cosmetic testing. This practice is inhumane, extremely painful and illegal in many countries. Hopefully articles like this will begin to generate enough awareness that the US will stop this horrific practice.  Please take a minute to read and sign the pledge to be cruelty free!!!







Bunnies: Much more than an Easter toy!

Looking around at all the parks and beaches with dog friendly signs, as well as the overly packed shelters, it is evident to see most animal attention is given to the rescue of dogs and cats. In this video, our very own SDHRS chapter manager, Judith Pierce, briefly talks about the importance of rabbit rescue and care as well as the vital role the SDHRS plays in our local community.

Indiana Rex Rabbits

The Indiana Rescue: Hard Work, Lots of Cooperation, But More Work Still Needed!

~ July 16, 3013, by National HRS

In June 2013, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, responding to a complaint about their care and treatment, confiscated 375 rex and min-rex rabbits from a breeder in the city of Indianapolis. The breeder later signed all but 15 of the rabbits, many of whom were pregnant, over to Animal Control (but once he realized that he could not breed those 15, he left them behind as well), leaving the shelter in a very tight situation.

Indiana Rabbits

Read about it here and here.

How would the shelter care for, much less place, all of these rabbits?
Indiana House Rabbit Society stepped into action. Their volunteers immediately got involved, going to the shelter those first few days, sexing and separating the rabbits, providing immediate care and medical attention, along with assisting veterinarians, and providing hay and food, medicating sick rabbits twice a day, and otherwise providing for all their needs.

Thankful RexIndiana HRS volunteers worked tirelessly, day after day, feeding and caring for the rabbits at the shelter, even as the rabbits grew from the original 375 to over 400, as some of those females gave birth. They also marshaled the help of veterinarians from near and far who began spaying and neutering the rabbits, and started the hard work of calling in the assistance of rescue groups and House Rabbit Society chapters from as far away as Maine and California who stepped up and offered their assistance in adopting those rabbits.

As of Sunday, July 14, all 400 rabbits were out of the shelter, thanks to the groups and individuals named below.        

A very grateful bunny says thank you!

But the work is not over yet.

Through Indiana House Rabbit Society and Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary, there are still 170 rabbits in foster care. These rabbits still desperately need homes, either locally in Indiana, or can be transported to adopters or rescuers in other areas of the country. Indiana HRS’s work is not over by a long shot, so if you can help at all, please contact info@indianahrs.org to offer your assistance.
Indiana House Rabbit Society would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their help in this joint effort:

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, for giving these rabbits these rabbits a chance to become cherished indoor family companions.

The following groups for taking the “Indiana 400:”

• Chicago HRS (IL)
• Buckeye HRS (OH)
• Cleveland APL (OH)
• Empty Cages Collective (NYC)
• Red Door Animal Shelter (IL)
• The Cat Nap (IL)
• BunnyFeathers Rabbit Rescue (WV)
• For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue (NJ)
• Angel Paws (IL)
• House Rabbit Network (MA)
• San Diego HRS (CA)
• Dane County Humane Society (WI)
• Too Many Bunnies Rabbit Rescue (CA)
• Animal Humane Society (MN)
• Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue (AZ)
• Friends of Rabbits (Baltimore/DC)
• Lollypop Farm (NY)
• Humane Society of Greater Rochester (NY)
• Save Animals Today (SD, CA)
• Hops and Lops (TN)
• IndyClaw (IN)
• Save the Animals Today (CA)
The following groups and individuals for sending in funds, supplies, or providing assistance with transport:

• National House Rabbit Society
• Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control
• New Mexico HRS
• Buckeye HRS
• Arkansas HRS
• Red Door Animal Shelter
• Oxbow
• PetCo Foundation
• PetSmart Charities
• Specks Pet Supply
• Dupage County Animal Shelter
• Chicago HRS
• San Diego HRS
• Stephen Van Linge and Trina Beatson
Veterinary Clinics for providing spay/neuter support:

• Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic, Indianapolis IN (Angela Lennox, DVM; Heather Goldstein, DVM; Amber Lee, DVM and support staff)
• Bargersville Veterinary Wellness Center, Franklin IN (Cindy Baker O’Dell, DVM)
• Deck Veterinary Clinic, Louisville KY (Tara Gunn, DVM)
• Rosehaven Exotic Animal Veterinary Services, Batavia, IL (Susan Brown, DVM; and Richard Nye, DVM; Macy Cooke; Sarah Dehn, RVT)
• Tippecanoe County Animal Clinic, Lafayette IN (Julia Becker, DVM)

Without the above groups, these rabbits would not have gotten the new lives they now have. If you’d like to help the remaining 170, please contact info@indianahrs.org.

Rabbit rescue responds to recipe in Washington Post

On October 27th, the Washington Post published a recipe for Rabbit Gumbo.

RabbitWise, a rescue group in the D.C. Metro area, submitted a response which was published in the Post today.

RabbitWise’s blog also mentions their response.

What do you think? Was their response effective? Do you think it would dissuade cooks from trying to prepare the recipe?

Hail to the Veronicas!

Ah! As if I needed a reason to like the Veronicas, an Aussie twin sisters singing duo, even more than I already do, news surfaced from Down Under that the singing sisters have come out swinging against the use of rabbit fur in the fashion trade.

It certainly brightened up this bunny girl’s otherwise mundane Monday.

According to the Brisbane (Australia) Times:

Pop-rockers the Veronicas have sung out against fur in a new campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The ad features twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso each holding a shockingly realistic skinned “rabbit” with a caption reading: “Here’s the rest of your fur coat.”

The bunnies in this photo are FAKE...but it does make a point

The twins launched the ad campaign outside Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building today, both wearing PETA T-shirts branded with the slogan “Mean People Wear Fur”.

They condemned Australia’s continued fur imports, most of which come from China, saying they are unnecessary.

Jess explained the campaign was to “discourage people from buying fur and educating them from where it came from”.

PETA says the campaign is aimed at the world’s leading fur exporter, China, where animals on fur farms are often skinned alive.

It says dogs and cats are killed in China for the international fur trade but with Chinese fur often processed and relabelled in other countries, it’s difficult to identify where the fur has come from.

“For us, fur is barbaric and unnecessary,” Jess said. “There is no need for fur.”

The Origliassio sisters have always liked PETA’s strong visual campaigns and are very proud to be part of their campaign against fur.

Because of their involvement in fashion design they felt it was the right campaign for them.

Thanks, Jess and Lisa – you girls are the best!

If you’re not familiar with the Veronicas check out the video below:

Should animal abusers be publicly shamed? Take the poll!

I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Animal abusers to get public shaming in NY county

FARMINGVILLE, N.Y. – A county on New York’s Long Island is creating what is believed to be the nation’s first public database of animal cruelty convicts.

Animal welfare activists are hoping the law passed this week in Suffolk County will inspire other governments nationwide. They compare their hopes to the proliferation of “Megan’s Law” registries for sex offenders. 

People convicted of animal cruelty will have to register or face jail time and fines. The registry will have open access so neighbors wary of their pets’ safety can see whether any animal abusers live nearby.

More than a dozen states have introduced similar legislation, but Suffolk is the first area to approve it.

There is also legislation pending in the county to prevent shelters, pet stores and breeders from giving or selling animals to people listed in the registry.

This does not yet exist in California (but I think it should). In the meantime, this database includes nearly 16,000 cases of animal abuse.

Shame on you, Burberry!

This morning I was sad to see an ad for rabbit-fur accessories featured in Burberry’s fall/winter line.

Burberry, did you really have to use bunnies for fashion? Really?

With an increasing number of designers opting for cruelty free,  faux fur, it’s disturbing that Burberry doesn’t follow suit.

Killing animals for fashion is not trendy or “fashion forward.”

Please send a polite communication to Burberry to let them know how you feel about their use of rabbit fur.

At least 30 bunnies died for this jacket

More on Design Against Fur 2010

BEIJING, Sept. 21  – A student anti-fur art exhibition that aims to educate young people in China, one of the world’s biggest fur exporters, that the wearing of fur is cruel and unnecessary opened Friday at the Renmin University of China. 

The exhibition of works from the Design Against Fur (DAF) competition, co-organized by Swiss Animal Protection, the Fur Free Alliance and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, attracted 12,352 entries from university students all over the country. 

Zhang Qian's work: "Please, don't take off my clothes." (Source: Global Times)


“What impressed me most was that students came up with more striking ideas this year,” said Zhang Yang, DAF’S Chinese regional director. 

“We cannot stop rich people from buying fur, but I hope we can at least change the minds of university students, who are potential buyers, from doing this in the future,” said Zhang. 

Cruel business 

Animals killed for fashion include rabbits, foxes, cats and dogs. Thousands of animals are killed for their fur in China each year, as there are no animal welfare laws. 

The rabbit is the theme for the competition this year. 

“To make one fur coat, people have to kill 30-40 rabbits,” Zhang said. “But many people are not aware of the fact that the rabbit is also a victim of fashion.” 

He said the way rabbits are skinned to retrieve a prefect cut is bloody and inhuman, and he suggests using artificial fur to spare animals from cruelty. 

Five students won prizes in four different categories including posters, T-shirts, fine art and multi-media items. 

Zhang Qian, 20, a student with the Shanghai Film Art Academy, won the Most Popular award for her work titled “Please, don’t take off my clothes,” which depicts a bunny begging not to be skinned. She also won a ticket to Switzerland for a cultural exchange trip next month. 

Zhang said she was stunned when they told her the good news. 

“My work is not as eye-catching as the others,” she said. “Mine is simple and straightforward and sends out a message from a poor bunny.” 

Zhang admitted that she once bought a fur coat because it was warm. 

“But now if I spot someone wearing a fur coat or shawl, I will tell them ‘Hey, this is not cool. You are killing animals.'” 

She confesses that she once accidentally killed her pet bunny. “I had one a few years ago. It was so stinky that I gave it a shower,” she said. “After drying its fur with a hair dryer, it looked better, and I took it to bed with me that night.” But it later got sick and died. 

Liu Lei, 23, who just graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, won first place for his multi-media work titled “If you ever had a rabbit,” which tells the story of a bunny being caught, stripped down, then turned into a shawl. 

“I never thought wearing fur was fashion,” he told the Global Times. “Quite the opposite, I think it is tasteless.” 

When asked how to capture the attention of fashion fans with the message that wearing fur is cruel and unnecessary, his answer is “to do it in a general way.” 

“It is not necessary to show people how bloody and violent the behavior is,” he said. “It is not creative, it is stereotyped.” 

Killer fashion 

Blood and violence are in many works. One titled “Know what you’re paying for,” depicts a knife-like credit card cutting a rabbit’s head apart. 

Mark Rissi, a Swiss movie director and writer who attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, said he was impressed by the creativity and enthusiasm of the participants. 

“For two years in a row the international prize has been awarded to Chinese students,” he said. “That is quite a success story!” 

“Animals have a right to be treated respectfully,” he added. “We are looking forward to the passing of the animal welfare law that has been drafted (in China).” 

The fur industry is blamed for the death of millions of animals every year. It is estimated that one animal is killed for fur each second worldwide. 

(Source: Global Times, Editor: Zhang Xiang)

Rabbits from NC Lab may be available for adoption

On September 9th, BNN reported the results of a 9-month PETA investigation into animal abuse at a hellish research lab. 

It is never easy to read, or hear, about this kind of abuse, which is, to say the least, shocking and startling. 

No more abuse for bunnies at PLRS

I can only hope that by getting the word out, it will inspire or move people to do something. Anything. 

According to this blog, all 253 animals from Professional Research and Laboratory Services (PLRS) have been rescued and are in area shelters (YAY!) 

If you would like to find out more about these animals, here are numbers to the shelters they were sent to: 

DC: 202-726-2556
Cateret Co. NC: 252-247-7744
Guilford Co. NC: 336-297-5020
NJ: 973-824-7080
Norfolk, VA: 757-622-3319
VA Beach: 757-427-0070 

If you can’t drive to these shelters, please consider donating money to help the shelters and/or rescue groups that pulled bunnies from that nightmarish lab. 

~ Tamara