Bunny drummin’

While my own bunnies will occasionally create their own cacophonous “symphony,” (almost always at 4:27 a.m.) with jar lids, empty oatmeal containers, rattles, boxes, etc. they’ve got nothing on the animated bunny starring in the movie, “Hop,” scheduled for release in April 2011.

Hop, the movie

Starring Russell Brand and James Marsden “Hop” is a blend of animation and live-action. What’s it all about? Fred (James Marsden), an unemployed slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (voiced by Brand). Fred takes in the bunny as he recovers, and as he struggles with his challenging houseguest, both learn what it takes to finally grow up.

Let’s hope this movie doesn’t prompt people to dash out and actually buy “Easter bunnies”….

The trailer features Brand’s bunny character jamming out on the drums to ‘Song 2′ by Blur and the tagline “Candy, Chicks and Rock n’ Roll.

‘Hop’ premieres Apr. 1, 2011 — just in time for Easter! Watch the trailer below.

Vegan Glam

If you’re a fashion-forward vegan, or someone who wants to support cruelty-free products, check out Urban Decay cosmetics, a vegan-friendly cosmetics company that uses insanely hip, fun, and irreverent packaging.

Vegan products include eyeshadows, eyeliners, make-up brushes, fake eyelashes, mineral make-up, nail polish, and lip products (the “Pocket Rocket” lip gloss is divine).

Urban Decay also talks the talk, and walks the walk, by taking a very public stance against animal testing:

Urban Decay is, and always has been, a cruelty-free company. You’ll notice that every box bears our cruelty-free credo: “We don’t do animal testing. How could anyone?” We insist on producing beautiful, irreverent, high-end cosmetics without conducting animal testing.

Products labeled with a pawprint are 100% Vegan.

One popular product is the eyeshadow palette, which even features a bunny on the package (Note: the company recently realized that the “potion primer” included with the palette is not 100% Vegan, so the pawprint has been removed. The eyeshadow itself is still 100% vegan).

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette (About $34)

Scarrots: Trick nor treat?

Apparently, there is a new $25 million campaign underway designed to transform baby carrots into the “new junk food.”

As comedian Seth Meyers might say on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, “Really, baby carrot farmers? REALLY?”

The new junk food?

I’m all for marketing snacks that are actually good for people (and their animal companions), but I’m not convinced that stashing baby carrots into colorful packaging reminiscent of potato chip or cookie bags will motivate people to rush to the grocery store and stock up on baby carrots.

Not unless those same baby carrots are deep fried and rolled in rich milk chocolate first.

Because that’s the American way.

According to Fox News, “carrot eaters around the country will get a taste of baby carrots’ attempt at attitude with Scarrots next month. The Halloween version of baby carrots will come in spooky packaging and have glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos, ideal for giving out to trick-or-treaters.”

Baby carrots as the new junk food? Nah, I don’t think so.

Would new packaging cause you to take another look at baby carrots?

Tat bunny

An amazing album

I’ve always been intrigued with tattoos/body art – afterall, the Rolling Stones album Tattoo You was one of the defining albums of my high school years – but I’ve never been brave enough to dip a toe (or arm, shoulder, ankle, or neck) into that particular pool of ink.

First, there’s the pain factor. I’m a wimp and not afraid to admit it.

Then there’s my dear dad’s voice, echoing in my head from the Great Beyond, saying, “no one will ever hire you with THAT on your arm/neck/leg, young lady!”

What does this have to do with bunnies, you ask? Well, nothing really.  Except for the fact that I stumbled onto some impressive photos of rabbit tattoo body art. And it made me wonder: would I consider a tasteful rabbit tattoo? Hmmmm….

Would you get inked? Do you already have a tattoo? If so, are there any regrets?

Take the poll and tell us which tattoo you like most (if any). The second tat reminds me of a little bunny I know named Scooter….

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Number 2
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