Run, rabbit, run!

Rabbit Hash, KY is a small town that would not normally attract much media attention. This tiny Ohio River community, with a population ranging from four to forty (depending on who you ask), is best known for its mayoral elections, with hairy beasts running for office.

In 1998, a dog was elected mayor of the city and the election was covered in the documentary “Rabbit Hash (The Center of the Universe)”.

In 2004, a dog named Junior was re-elected to office and is still considered the ceremonial mayor of the town; in 2008, a Border collie named Lucy Lou won in what proved to be a tense, dog-eat-dog race.

Rabbit Hash might be the only American town that openly admits to selling votes for $1 each. The town encourages people to vote as many times as they’d like as long as they pay for each vote. Votes can even be cast online. (Note: proceeds from the election are donated to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society).

In fact, the town’s Web site reports that an “estimated 215% of local registered and unregistered voters swarmed the polls for the 2008 election.”

Top candidates in 2008 included two dogs, a cat, a possum, and a…..jackass (donkey).

This begs the question: if a jackass can run for mayor in Rabbit Hash, why not a jack rabbit? Or, better yet, how about a rescued rabbit for mayor 2010?

I know: rabbits are far too smart to be politicians.

BNN plans to follow-up with the town of Rabbit Hash to find out why a rabbit has never been on the mayoral ticket. Stay tuned for Part II of our incisive, investigative report on Rabbit Hash politics.