Things to Consider Before Rabbit Adoption

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Adopting a rabbit is a big decision. We’re happy that you’re doing the necessary research to discover if a house rabbit is for you.

Rabbits can live to be 8 – 12 years old. Your new rabbit companion will be with you for a long time.

  • Rabbits live healthier, longer lives when they live indoors. Heat related deaths and risk of disease are all significantly lower with indoor rabbits. Outdoor rabbits typically live only 2-3 years; therefore, San Diego HRS only adopts our foster rabbits to indoor homes.
  • Rabbits are easily litter box trained and make excellent house pets.  Rabbits usually are housed in a large cage or an exercise pen but require daily run time for social interaction and exercise. Watching a rabbit run and jump is one of the delights of having a rabbit.
  • Children adore bunnies. However rabbits often make a more suitable companion for an adult or mature child. An adult must directly supervise all interaction by children younger than 8 years old. Rabbits have a more delicate structure than a dog or a cat and require greater care when handling.
  • Rabbits are social animals; however, as prey animals not all rabbits like to be held. Many affectionate rabbits prefer to get attention while on the ground where they feel most secure. Rabbits display affection by licking, nudging, looping and staying close.
  • Rabbits enjoy the company of other rabbits. If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit, consider having a pair. Rabbits keep each other company, groom each other and are often healthier and happier as a pair. Rabbits share the same cage, X-pen, litter box, and food so the extra cost is minimal.
  • All rabbits, including single rabbits, should be spayed/neutered. Female rabbits have an 85% risk of reproductive cancer by the age of 3 if they are not spayed and males exhibit better household behavior when neutered. If you have a rabbit that is not spayed or neutered, please explore low cost options. Read about San Diego HRS has a spay/neuter rebate fund that refunds a portion of the cost of spay/neuter.  This is our list of rabbit-savvy veterinarians in San Diego county.
  • Most rabbits can coexist happily with well behaved cats and dogs. However, supervision is required.

Thank you for taking the time to think about adopting a rabbit.  Be sure to visit to schedule an adoption appointment.