Second Chance for Pets

Did you know that thousands of companion animals are surrendered to shelters and euthanized each year simply because their human caregivers died or became too ill to care for them? These animals became homeless because their caregivers made no plans for their continued care.

We all know that providing care for our pets is a lifelong commitment, but have you taken the time to plan for your pet’s future, in case you are no longer there to honor that commitment? Having a plan in place will you give you peace of mind knowing your companion animals will always be cared for.

An organization called “2nd Chance 4 Pets” is a non-profit group of volunteers educating pet caregivers about lifetime care options. You can write to them and request their “Guide to Planning for the Lifetime Care of Your Pets” and you’ll get a subscription to their newsletter.

2nd Chance 4 Pets outlines three simple steps to ensure that your pets receive the best care possible should they outlive you:

  • Step 1: Identify Caregivers

Identify people who would be willing to care for your pets in the hours, days, or weeks after an emergency, such as friends, relatives, or neighbors.

  • Step 2: Prepare Written Instructions

Outline how your pets should be cared for, whether in another household or sanctuary, and whether animals should be kept together.

  • Step 3: Set Up a Fund

Set aside funds to cover temporary or permanent care of your pets.

They have lots of resources and good advice on their webpage:

Or write them at:

2nd Chance 4 Pets

1484 Pollard Road, No. 444

Los Gatos, CA 95032

More resources for pet trusts and estate planning for pets:

PetGuardian Pet Trust Plans provides a comprehensive pet trust plan and is affiliated with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Websites for estate planning for pets: