Have You Booked Your Petsitter for the Holidays?

I know it seems like summer hasn’t even officially ended, but it’s already time to start thinking about where to board your bunnies if you plan on traveling for the winter holidays. A quick phone around to a few local bunny boarding services revealed that some of them already completely booked for Thanksgiving with just a few spots left for Christmas, so the time to start your planning is NOW.

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Several San Diego HRS volunteers offer pet-sitting services in their homes. A few of our tried and true favorites are:

Bunnies R Us



Show Me the Bunny



Bessie Bunny’s Bed & Breakfast



Sweet Dreams Bunny Lodge



Fees vary by pet sitter according to the number of bunnies being boarded, the size of their enclosure, and other factors. In San Diego County, pet sitting fees for a single bunny can range from $10 per day to $25 per day. Many pet sitters will also offer grooming, nail trimming, photography, and other services for additional fees.

Most bunny boarding houses are limited on space, especially around the holidays, and they will fill up fast. Don’t delay. If you already know your holiday plans, get your bunnies booked in now!

If you cannot afford the cost of bunny sitting, offer to trade services with another bunny family.  Join San Diego HRS’ “fan” page on Facebook, to meet other local rabbit lovers and you are very likely to find someone who is willing to exchange bunny sitting services with you.  Who knows – it may turn out that someone who lives right down the block from you has a rabbit, too, and is willing to make trades with you.