San Diego Veg Week Oct 2-9

Many  San Diego HRS supporters are vegetarian and vegan. It’s hard not to be when you live with a rabbit! How many of us have been asked at the supermarket checkout, “How are you going to cook this?”

Did you know that October 2-9, 2010 in San Diego it’s Pledge to Go Veg Week? If you pledge to go veg for just one week, you can prevent animal cruelty, improve your health, and protect the environment.

When you make your pledge, Veg Week will e-mail you recipes, nutritional advice, and coupons you can use all over San Diego. Dozens of restaurants are offering specials, and you’re entered to win gift certificates and cookbooks for local vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Mayor Sanders as well as Councilman Todd Gloria, Assemblywoman Lori Saldana, and Assemblyman Pedro Nava are taking the pledge and participating in some of the Veg Week activities.

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