Halloween means pumpkin!!

When I was a child Halloween was all about carving the pumpkin and putting it outside to scare the goblins away.  As I got older it became more about carving the pumpkin and roasting the seeds.  And, oh yes, handing out candy to the kids.

Then I adopted bunnies.  Now Halloween is about roasting the seeds (for me) and giving the pumpkin to the bunnies.

Rabbits LOVE pumpkin and it’s a food that is actually good for them!  Pumpkin has loads of fiber and not too much sugar that, in moderation, won’t upset your bunny’s good gut bacteria.

I always have either a can of pure pumpkin purée or baby food pumpkin on hand for when one of my bunnies needs some incentive to eat.   But the best is always fresh.  So I buy a pumpkin, put it on the floor and let the buns go to town.  Once they get past the rind and into the flesh, I keep an eye out to make sure that they don’t eat it all up at once!

Since I love pumpkin seeds, I always get a pumpkin for myself.  After scooping out the seeds, I carve the pumpkin into pieces freezing some of it into small pieces for later use.  The rest I roast.  Once cooled, I mash it up and distribute it into ice-cube trays.  Freeze the trays and then empty the contents into plastic bags.  Now you have pumpkin treats for your bunny for any time of the year!

bunny sniffing pumpkin
Smells pretty good!
You can carve it and then let Bunny take nibbles
You can carve it and then let Bunny take nibbles
bunnies eating pumpkin

Pumpkin for Dogs (and rabbits, too!)

Here’s a new product from Nummy Tum Tum’s that rabbit people may be interested in:

Although the label says it’s “Pure Pumpkin for Dogs”, it’s definitely for rabbits, too. Pure Pumpkin is just that–100% pumpkin, with nothing else added. It’s also USDA certified organic and it’s made in Corvallis, Oregon.

Canned pumpkin is a useful item to keep on hand for bunnies. It can be mashed with medicines to make them more palatable, or provide palatable nutrition and fiber when your rabbit isn’t eating and needs to get back onto solid foods.

These cans keep up to three years in the pantry, but should be refrigerated after opening. Or you could always raid them to make a pumpkin pie!

A 15-ounce can of Nummy TumTum’s will run you about $4.00, and is available from Leith Petwerks.