Lauren McCall Workshops Coming This Fall

Lauren McCall, an internationally renowned TTouch practitioner and animal communicator, will be the guest of San Diego House Rabbit Society October 16-18 when she presents three days of workshops and private consultations.

Lauren gave us a quick preview of what to expect from her appearance in October:

Chandra: We’re excited about having you back in San Diego to share your talents with our supporters. Tell us more about to expect at the TTouch workshop.

Lauren: I’m excited, too! I just LOVE working with rabbits! They are very responsive to TTouch and we have had great success in helping shelter rabbits overcome some of their fears and reactive behaviors to interact better with people so that they can be adopted out faster. Of equal importance is that they can integrate into their new home and are not returned to the shelter.  So TTouch while works for behavior issues, it’s also great for health concerns too.

Chandra: You have quite a lot of experience with rabbits, don’t you? In fact, you have a bunny of your own.

Lauren: Yes, my bunny Zoë is 10 years old now!  I use TTouch on Zoe to help her with old age issues like stiffness.  I began teaching TTouch workshops at the HRS headquarters in Richmond, California in 2000. I’ve also worked at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, and have worked with rabbits at various shelters all over the world.  I also recently created the world’s first TTouch Rabbit Associate Program, in Japan.  TTouch is excellent for reaching rabbits’ nervous systems and helping to calm them down. And as we all know, rabbits have a pretty sensitive nervous system.

Chandra: I imagine this will be great for people who live with bunnies or cats, but also for shelter workers or vet techs. What kinds of techniques will people learn?

Lauren: Expect lots of hands on fun. This is a very interactive class. I’ll teach the basic bodywork which is easy to learn; it just takes a little practice. We’ll discuss and demonstrate what can be done for specific health and behavior issues. I work very hard to tailor each class to the needs of the individual group and the animals that are there. Each participant should leave with a good feel for the basic TTouches.

Chandra: Then on October 17 you’ll offer an Introduction to Animal Communication class. Can anyone take that class?

Lauren: Absolutely! This is an ideal way to develop the ability to telepathically communicate, which we all have but have lost touch with over time. I have been teaching animal communication all over the world for almost 10 years now, and I am convinced that anyone can learn how to do it, if they practice.  We’ll work with photographs of animals and do exercises designed to help you make your own connections with animals. This is a small group workshop in a private home, the perfect setting for what will be a fun and interesting adventure.

Chandra: Then on Monday, October 18 you’ll be available for private consultations, whether people want to learn more about TTouch or animal communication, or have a one-on-one session with you and their animal friend.

Lauren: Yes, and those are open to rabbits, cats, dogs, any species.  If you can’t bring your animal, bring a photo.

Chandra: We know you are very busy, Lauren, traveling the world and spending a lot of time teaching in Japan. We’re grateful that you have the time to share your skills with the San Diego animal community. We’ll see you next month!

About Lauren’s Workshops:

On Saturday, October 16, Lauren presents TTouch for Small Animals. Rabbits and cats are welcome at this workshop taking place at the County of San Diego Animal Services North Shelter in Carlsbad. For more information and to register:

The following Sunday, October 17, Lauren offers her Introduction to Animal Communication workshop, in the intimate setting of a private home in Cardiff and a limited number of students. Participants work with photographs of living animals. For more information:

And on Monday, October 18, Lauren McCall will be available for private sessions in TTouch or Animal Communication, and rabbits, cats, and dogs are welcome to attend these. There are a very limited number of spaces left, so for more information and to register, visit:

About Lauren McCall:

Lauren McCall has spent years developing proven tools and techniques, in workshops around the world, to help you discover your innate ability to telepathically communicate with animals.  We all have this ability within us; it has just been lost over time due to our human reliance on speech.  She has an international client base for her animal communication work including the US, Europe, and Japan. Lauren travels and teaches both animal communication and TTouch and currently lives in Newberg, Oregon with her partner, 2 dogs, a cat, 2 guinea pigs and a very sweet rabbit named Zoë. Learn more about animal communication and

Lauren McCall at